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Hi, I'm Mike Shreeve

True story: I was in a David Bowie cover band in high school. Also, I used to steal Goosebumps books from my elementary school teacher's corner library and keep them hidden in my desk. Then at the end of the year, I'd sneak them back without anyone being the wiser. One time, I fought wildland fire in a little town called Eagle, Alaska.

I used to work as a hired gun of the copywriting variety. I once wrote over 1,000,000 words of sales copy in 10 months. Then I stopped wanting to make deer urine supplement manufacturers money. So I started writing fiction under pen names. Now I write science fiction under my own name. Somehow I make a living at it.

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Copywriting For The Rest Of Us

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Questions I Get Asked A Lot
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Do You Outline Or Pants Your Stories?

Used to outline. Now I can’t.

I don’t write the kind of stories that require outlining anymore. My books are slow. I like characters more than plot points. I don’t outline because it doesn’t make sense for the kind of stuff that I enjoy writing.

Also, none of my favorite living writers outline.


Who Are Your Favorite Authors?

Asimov for his work ethic.

Clarke for showing me how beautiful the big black empty really was.

Dick for Electric Sheep.

Atwood for her tomorrows.

Vonnegut for his questions.

Keyes for the rat story.

Poe for not feeling alone.

Crichton for his monsters.

Le Guin for philosophy 252 and my return to fiction.

Gaiman for the dark.

Weir for showing how wrong I was about so much.

Howey for ushering the return of the Golden Age.

Gurley for being my spirit animal.

Conrad for the naked ice bucket poem.

Hemingway for his boxing.


Where Do You Live?

In Portland.

Don’t come here though.

There’s nothing cool and nobody is nice. You’ll hate the rain. Powell’s Books is too big. You’ll have to ride a bike everywhere. No cool writers live here. Especially not cool science fiction writers. And we have terrible breakfast food.

So stay away. Especially if you’re from Southern California.

I Read Your Article On Selling A Ton Of Books. What Are Your Pen Names?

I’d rather not say.

Most of the writing I did under those pen names can only be described as pulp drivel. Not that my new stuff is any better.

My pen names, like my copywriting days, served their purpose. I became a better writer because of the volume, but now my focus is different.

P.S. If you’re really smart you can actually find my other names floating out there. Just don’t email me saying you found them unless you want me to email you to remind you of that time you got caught with Susan Wilkens under the bleachers after homecoming your sophomore year.

Didn’t You Used To Write Sales Copy?

Yes. I used to be the most prolific copywriter on the planet. I would write 5k – 10k words per day of low priced sales copy for Internet marketers, online coaches, and other people who like to take your money.

I was really good at it too.

Now I write fiction. I still lie for a living, but at least now I feel ok about it.