What A Mama Grizzly Can Teach You About Making More Money

Think on this: A mother bear experiences no fear in defense of her cubs. Why? Because her focus is entirely outside of herself. I have really bad days where work is that last thing I want to do. I complain as much as anyone else. I am a human being. But the reality is, that…

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Here’s How To Get All The Courage You Need To Accomplish Everything You Want

If you want to make money, you gotta make stuff. Thinking about making stuff earns you exactly $0.00. To get shit done, you gotta have courage. All the people you see on TV making big bucks, living the life you want to live have courage. Lots of it. You can have courage too if you…

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Kindle Unlimited Isn’t The End Of The World For Authors. Here’s Why…

Authors are up in arms over Amazon’s most recent launch of the Kindle Unlimited service. I guess I see things a bit differently. Fact: Reading for fun is on the decline (source: The Decline of the American Book Lover & The Number of Teens Reading for Fun Keeps Declining). Fact: Ebooks trend opposite of that…

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The Smart Way To Write JV Emails… That Actually Works.


No thanks. When you’re pitching a joint venture (JV) “no thanks” is the second worst response you can get. What’s the worst? No response at all. If you’re looking to turn a profit online, a JV could be your Holy Grail. They’re fast, effective, and can pay long term dividends. Problem is, much like the…

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Your Stuff Sucks And It Will Still Make Money. I Promise.


I have two friends who are trying to break out of their desperately boring jobs and journey across the great divide into entrepreneurship. They have chosen to write books for Kindle. I have chosen to help them. What you are about to read is an email that I sent trying to light the fire under…

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My Sexiest Client Just Got A 55% Open Rate On Her Recent Email Blast… Here’s How I Did It.


I have a really hot client. I mean, drop-dead, “let’s make babies together”, gorgeous client. I first met her back in 2008. In 2009 we got married.  And we did end up making a baby… And ever since then I have been busting my copy chops all up in her online business. Recently we launched…

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13 Damn Good Places To Swipe Swipes


The Freebies The Agora Newsletter  These guys are so damn smart. They have centralized their sign up for “junk-mail” so that you can sign up for all their e-newsletters in one quick sign up process. Genius. Rodale  Here is how you can swipe Rodale. Find a magazine/publication in the niche you write for. Buy the…

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How To Make Info Marketing Suck Less: 10 Ways To Add Continuity Income To Your Business


What if your income DIDN’T rely on unpredictable product launches? Like, what if, maybe you could, sort of, I don’t know… build a truly steady and predictable source of income? As in, you could know exactly how much money was coming into your business next month. That’s no pipedream my friends… it’s simply continuity income.…

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How to Use “Future Casting” to Turn Your Readers Into A Raging Ball Of Buying Emotion


Imagine being able to string your reader along… Clicking something deep within their brain that forces them to read the next word… then the next… then the next. With each word a well of emotional pain and anguish is unleashed within the reader. They slip from “thinking” to “reacting” and they become entirely your pet.…

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5 Ways to Integrate NLP Into Your Copywriting

You don’t have to call it NLP if you makes you feel “icky” inside… but some words DO get results. Here a few quick and easy ways that you can start implementing “selling” words into your copy today. 1. Use Positive Language The human mind finds it much easier to focus on positive rather than…

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