How to Use “Future Casting” to Engage Readers’ Emotions and Make Your Copy More Compelling

Imagine being able to get people not just willing to read your copy, but eager to do it. You captivate their interest, motivate them to buy, and watch the leads and customers pour in.   You can do this. All it takes is understanding and applying a special technique that engages your audience from the…

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5 Ways to Integrate NLP Into Your Copywriting

You don’t have to call it NLP if you makes you feel “icky” inside… but some words DO get results. Here a few quick and easy ways that you can start implementing “selling” words into your copy today. 1. Use Positive Language The human mind finds it much easier to focus on positive rather than…

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Are You Really An Information Marketer Or Just A Product Creator? A Quiz. Sort of.


I write a hell of a lot of information marketing sales copy. So much so, that if you knew my daily word count you would probably spew your coffee all over your keyboard. That means that a stupid number of products run across my desk. Most of them are complete garbage. No joke. And that…

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Lessons Learned From Selling 4,335 Copies Of Two Self-Published Non-Fiction Books In 8 Months


8 months ago I published Copywriting For The Rest Of Us and Video Marketing For The Rest Of Us out of frustration. To make a long story short, Copywriting For The Rest Of Us was written in a day using Dragon Naturally Speaking and Video Marketing For The Rest Of Us was an info product I…

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Psychology and Writing: Creating Real Life Characters Using Psychology Based Character Arcs


Mike Says: This is an AMAZINGLY insightful guest post from writer, poet and blogger Kelsey J. Mills on the finer points of character development. I highly recommend you absorb this post – it’s real value comes from the underlying connections between creating “real” characters and your own inner psychology.  Truth be told, I’m not a fan…

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How To Write Honestly


In the beginning, middle and end of every writer’s career there is a two headed dragon that must be slain. This nasty beast goes by several names: “Writing Style” “Effective Prose” and even worse… “Better writing” To defeat the dragon and salvage any type of writing career you must first realize its true identity, only…

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Lessons Learned from an Indie Publishing Project


This is a guest post from author Stephen Gallup. A few years ago, a coworker of mine self-published a novel. Larry’s was by no means the first self-published book I’d read (and enjoyed), or even the first penned by a coworker. However, I was at that time considering self-publication for my own opus, and so gave…

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How To Choose A Genre To Write In


When I first starting writing fiction, my #1 question was: “How do I choose which genre to write in?” Since my background was is in marketing/entrepreneurship I became obsessed with trying to mimic the the great financial successes of other authors. People like: Stephen King J.K. Rowling R.L. Stine Nora Roberts James Patterson And others……

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Stumbleupon Paid Discovery Versus Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook Ads Vs Stumbleupon ads

About two weeks ago I decided to hold a little contest with myself to test out Stumbleupon Paid Discovery Versus Facebook Paid Ads. I have used both extensively in the past for various projects, but never for driving traffic to a blog. I will be the first to admit that this case study has serious holes…

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How To Overcome Negativity And Destroy Trolls With Art

Overcome Negativity

The Internet is a black hole of negativity.  Today I saw this: Then I read the comment section… What can I say? No matter what you do, if you put it online someone is going to say you are wrong, inexperienced, stupid, ugly and smell bad. There ain’t no way ’round it, don’t matter who…

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